SOSA visits BELA

SOSA innovation platform visits BELA-Zamudio

SOSA, a global innovation platform with headquarter in Tel Aviv, visited BELA-Zamudio. SOSA´s winning combination of partnerships enables corporations, governments and cities to stay ahead of the competition and lead their respective industries by connecting them to the world’s most innovative technologies. With this aim, the Bizkaia Provincial Government signed a collaboration agreement with SOSA to promote networking between start-ups in Bizkaia and the Israeli platform.

During the tour, Yfat Neev (General Manager at SOSA) and Sabrina Kestenbaum (General Coordinator at SOSA) expressed great interest in the capabilities of BELA-Zamudio laboratories. Opened in 2015, the building houses a medium power laboratory equipped with a 3-phase short circuit transformer rated at 300 MVA, 220/3÷38 kV and 50 Hz. It also holds high voltage, low voltage and climatic laboratories to provide electrical equipment manufacturers for T&D networks with full type testing capabilities.