Cookie Policy



The Website uses cookies to improve and optimise your experience. Below you will find detailed information on what “cookies” are, which types are used on the Website, how to disable them in your browser, and how to specifically block the installation of cookies from third-parties.


A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that is stored on your computer, tablet, smartphone or notebook, to distinguish you from other users of the Website.

Cookies enable BELA to record your preferences when browsing the Website and customise the services offered based on those preferences. A cookie provides information on: your IP; type of browser and operating system you use; date and time you visit the Website; pages you visit on the Website; pages of the Website you share on social media; and your preferences on the content selected.

The information collected through cookies does not provide your identity or personal information, and it helps us to provide a good experience each time you browse the Website, and also to improve the Website.

There are three different types of cookies that the Website creates:

  • Session cookies: These cookies are temporary, and they are deleted when you leave a website. They allow you to proceed through many pages of a site quickly and easily without having to authenticate or reprocess each new area you visit.
  • Persistent cookies: These cookies are not cleared when you close your browser. They enable a website to remember you on subsequent visits, speeding up or enhancing your experience of services or functions offered. These types of cookies generally have a fixed time-frame before expiring.
  • Third party cookies – These cookies do contain data that third-party websites can access. Examples include social media sharing controls or analytics based websites.


You can control (fully or partially) cookies as you wish. You have the possibility of deleting all cookies that are already on your computer and of setting your browser to prevent cookies from being stored. If you do this, you can still browse the Website, but you may need to manually adjust some preferences each time you visit the Website and some functionalities may not work.

You can change the settings of your browser by clicking on the links below: