About BELA

Company overview

BELA is an association of owners of accredited and independent testing laboratories located close to Bilbao, in the North of Spain.

Our mission is to perform development and type tests to accelerate the technological development of our customers and improve their competitiveness.

We continually invest in new equipment to offer the best resources for testing in the always evolving electricity T&D sector. We use cutting-edge technologies, as well as a high degree of automation, to ensure effective data collection throughout all tests. This gives us valuable information to comprehend the performance of the equipment during tests.

We are actively involved in several technical committees, which enables us to keep up to speed with test procedures and to provide state-of-the-art information on standard developments. In 2015 two of our laboratories applied for STL membership under AELP (Spanish Association of Power Laboratories). Both laboratories are currently participating in the work of the STL Technical Committee as applicants.

Associated members

BELA brings together the facilities and expertise of three testing laboratories that complement to each other to offer a wider range of tests to the power T&D industry. BELA´s associated members are:

ARTECHE Centro Tecnológico, BELA-Mungia

ORMAZABAL Corporate Technology, BELA-Boroa


TECNALIA Research & Innovation, BELA-Zamudio


ORMAZABAL Corporate Technology and TECNALIA Research & Innovation are founding members of AELP (Spanish Association for Power Laboratories). In 2015 AELP applied for STL membership. As applicants the laboratories are currently participating in the work of the STL Technical Committee.

30 years of experience

Our long-standing experience in the fields of high power, high voltage, temperature-rise, and environmental testing enables us to address our customers testing needs. We implement testing programs that meet individual demands for standardized type and development tests. Our experienced test engineers understand both the equipment and the standards it must comply. They can help customers to interpret the effects of tests on their equipment and the causes causing them. This is key to quicker improve manufacturer designs.

Impartiality and confidentiality

The ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation recognises the technical competences of our laboratories to perform tests and guarantees the impartiality and confidentiality for all tests and tasks we execute. As independent testing facilities, we perform tests for external customers. At all times, our laboratories personnel are free from any undue commercial, financial and other pressures which may influence their technical judgement. BELA ensures that all tests are carried out in an independent, neutral and non-biased manner.