STL 67th meeting

BELA founding members participation in STL Technical Committee meetings as applicant

The 67th STL Technical Committee meeting was held on 19-20 November in Hyderabad (India), hosted by CPRI, one of the STL members.

The Short-Circuit Testing Liaison (STL) is an association that provides a forum for voluntary international collaboration amongst testing laboratories. STL aims at harmonising the application of IEC and Regional Standards to HV transmission and distribution equipment that include short-circuit and dielectric tests within their type tests.

BELA-Boroa and BELA-Zamudio have been participating in STL Technical Committees as applicants under the name of AELP (Spanish Association for Power Laboratories) since 2016. BELA test facilities include one short-circuit generator of 2,500 MVA (3-phase and 50/60 Hz); 1.8 MV lightning and 1.1 MV switching impulse generator; and 550 kV AC generator. BELA laboratories meet the test requirements for a wide range of equipment addressed by STL guides.

This year, AELP presented three technical articles in the 67th STL Technical Committee meeting. One on IEC 61869 standard concerning temperature rise test on current transformers with several rated primary currents. And two on IEC 62271-202 standard concerning short circuit and internal arc tests on prefabricated substations. The issues will be discussed in the relevant STL Technical Groups and if necessary, the resolutions included in the STL guides.