The Spanish Minister for Science and Innovation visits BELA-Boroa

The Spanish Minister for Science and Innovation visits BELA-Boroa

Pedro Duque, the Spanish Minister for Science and Innovation visited Ormazabal’s Research and Technology Center, also known as BELA-Boroa. Ormazabal is part of VELATIA, an international industrial and technological group that offers solutions in the fields of electricity and communication networks, electronics, aeronautics, consultancy, and safety.

During the tour, the Minister expressed great interest in the lines of research and capabilities of BELA-Boroa, one of the founding members of BELA. The testing facility comprises a high-power laboratory (HPL), and a real-time network experimentation unit (UDEX) unique of its kind for the development of Smart Grids. HPL is equipped with a 3-phase short-circuit generator of 2,500 MVA that can operate at 50 Hz and 60 Hz. And UDEX is a highly configurable medium voltage network independent from the grid that allows the development and testing of new technologies, products & services in a safe and controlled environment. 

In the words of the Minister, “Innovative and sustainable energy technologies are paramount in decarbonising the energy system and allowing the ecological transition”. At BELA-Boroa we work along with our clients and projects partners to prevent the ecological breakdown from happening. Because sustainable energy transition is not only an economic opportunity, but also an environmental imperative.

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