BELA, an example of “coopetition” in testing services

BELA, an example of “coopetition” in testing services

Relationships among competitors have traditionally focused either on competitive or on cooperative relationships between them, and one relationship was argued to harm or threaten the other one. However, this is not necessarily the case. Coopetitive relationships have been proved to be advantageous relationships among competitors, where companies both compete and cooperate with each other.

BELA is a very good example of coopetition, and it was recognized as such in the Biscay Business 2020th Meeting held in Bilbao on 20th February, hosted by Biscay Provincial Government.

ARTECHE Centro Tecnológico, ORMAZABAL Corporate Technology and TECNALIA Research & Innovation are three cutting edge companies that decided to join efforts to pursue new opportunities. BELA brings together the facilities and expertise of three testing laboratories that complement to each other to offer a wider range of tests to international manufacturers of electrical equipment. As they say, union is strength. And BELA is not an exception

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